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Convector module MP-300M

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Nowadays, there is an increasing need to automate processes in order to increase productivity and reduce production costs. To do this, there are a lot of ready-made industrial solutions that can be adapted to the type you need with varying degrees of complexity.

But it is often difficult to fit the solution you require, into the existing one, and the cost of adaptation will be so significant (after all, the work of a professional in the field of industrial electronics is estimated quite high), that the only acceptable solution will be the electronics development to order.

It is in this case that you can get the device that best suits your ideas about it, which you will fix in the technical task for the development of the electronic device. The cost of such a solution will also be much lower, including in the short term, taking into account the possibility of technical support from our side.

Of course, it does not always make sense to contact us and order the development of electronics, since a single copy of a not too complicated device, even taking into account our extensive developments, will still be more expensive than a ready-made module manufactured on an industrial scale, for example, in China. It is advisable, nevertheless, to order devices that will be produced at least in a small number of copies, since the development of electronics from scratch is a fairly long process, often requiring considerable intellectual investment.

But in any case, you can contact us with a ready technical task or formulated idea in order that we estimate the scope of work and offer you favorable conditions for the electronics development and production.

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